A newsletter for curious minds, by Inga Chen

Mining for insights at the intersection of technology, product, personalization, design of physical things, cultural identity and human behavior.

What is Interdisciplinary? 

In this newsletter, I'll be sharing an amalgamation of insights and unpopular opinions I have on a broad range of topics, such as: 

  • Product management, especially personalization, leading teams, and product applications of machine learning 

  • Design, especially of physical things, spaces, and cities

  • Psychology and human behavior, such as our relationship with time, the artist vs writer brain, and my thoughts on new consumer products like Clubhouse and the future of audio 

  • Mental models and life systems, such as how I read people’s biases and my system for making key life decisions

Most importantly, the magic will come from the cross-pollination of these topics. 

Interdisciplinary’s main thesis is: a worldview that combines insights from many disciplines helps us be better humans and build better products.

Who is Inga Chen?

  • Taiwanese American, Bay Area native, living in NYC

  • Product manager for over seven years; currently Senior Product Manager at Spotify, leading personalization & ranking of our homepage. Prior to that, product at Squarespace and Automatic; started my career in investment banking

  • Co-lead of Women in Product NYC, a community of 2,500 product managers

  • Avid tea drinker with fifteen+ pounds of tea at home

  • Serial hobbyist: current side projects include a mobile app called Plant Parenthood, a podcast on product lessons from Formula 1 racing, and this newsletter! 

  • Lifelong learner: I’ve been an On Deck Fellow for both Founders and Writers and am always taking classes like Japanese ceramics, squash lessons, and pointe ballet from former Met Opera dancers

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